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Literally Lorna column: A recipe for disaster

Lorna Ross

A recipe for disaster:

• Months of internal masking of depression (must be sifted for best effect)

• A ton of responsibility (no such thing as too much responsibility)

• A half ton or rejection or failure

• Load in a bunch of changes (season to taste, some like changes)

• Add a daily dose of poor diet

• A snippet of negative attitude (careful because a little bit goes a long way)

• Simmer for two weeks

• Sprinkle with "caring what others think of you"

In time you will have an enormous disaster on your hands. Enjoy!

In order to make this possible, one should avoid fun, exercise, activity and self-time.


In the world of depression, if symptoms are experienced for two weeks or longer, it may be a problem and worth talking to a trained professional. Major changes in one's life such as a job change or job loss, a death in the family (even a pet), a car accident, divorce or health issues can lead to depression. For some, depression can slip in easier than others. People with anxiety seem to be more sensitive to setbacks and may take longer to recover.

During a difficult time, one should pay more attention to their diet than usual. Some people eat a lot when they're "depressed" and some not much at all. Some partake in alcohol and over exceed their daily calorie and carbohydrate intake within hours. A poor diet can lead to poor sleep. Without a quality night's rest, health issues can stir up along with a suitcase full of other problems.

There are three things that keep us going in life:

• Our job. If you have a job you like and are proud to be a part of, then you are ahead in the game of life. If you make a lot of money, then great, but ask yourself if you actually like what you do every day. Also, a job provides most of us with a feeling of purpose. If you lose a job you have enjoyed for years due to downsizing or restructuring, that can be a very tough pill to swallow. It took me about 6 yo 7 years before I accepted the release. Transition from one job to another is anything but easy and transitioning from one field to another is close to madness. Since most of us work 40 hours a week plus travel time, plus five meals a week with co-workers, I can only say "Love what you do."

• Money is what makes the world go round. Well, love and money, but the love for money can be a problem. Lack of money when you're the provider can be a blow to your marriage. It creeps into your fun time like a colony of ants on your picnic. Going out on a whim, getting close with your partner and activities that cost money aren't as accessible anymore. Making a good solid paycheck challenges time spent with your family versus working all the time. This is not healthy for your marriage and it's not healthy for any individual. Find a balance between work and family because all work and no play makes for a stalemate.

• Love. Love is the key to everything. Seriously, love what you do, who you're with and how you spend your time, where you live and how you're living. If you don't like any of those, you have the ability to change them. Some change can be good. Most changes are necessary, but all changes need to be adapted.

I understand people have busy lives. In order to work, clean the house, do laundry, cook decent meals, enjoy a good night's rest, do homework, etc., finding time is nearly impossible sometimes. In order to avoid disaster, take time for family and friends no matter what. Time spent together doesn't always have to cost much. Activities like playing cards, board games, watching a movie, doing projects, building something, taking bike rides, walking. Dividing the household responsibilities as necessary, setting a segment of time for computers and going to bed at the same time every night are examples of routine that can be beneficial for the mind.

Strive for a balanced life and always take time for yourself. By taking care of yourself first, other things will fall into place. Enjoy the recipe you have created for yourself and when the bad times arrive, it will clear up like hot water to a Teflon pan.