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St. Francis teaches contentment, obedience

4YK student Evan Holst was recognized for showing the character trait of being content in December. Photo courtesy of St. Francis School 1 / 2
St. Francis School students receiving Virtue Awards for being content during the month of December are Trystan O'Neil, Zachary Shafer, Eian Murphy, Kate Nelson, Bethany Kaufer, Oliver Truttman, and Lori Moldenhauer. Students awarded for being obedient are Samantha Augustine, June Feuerhelm, Vander Truttman, Rowan Nelson and Maggie McHardy (missing from photo.) Photo courtesy of St. Francis School2 / 2

At St. Francis School in Ellsworth this December, the hustle and bustle of activities was enhanced with a focus on the virtues of the month. Obedience is doing what you are told and doing it right away. If you are content, you are not greedy or always wanting things.

Each of these virtues is especially fitting for December as children are often very easily distracted with the many activities that occur leading up to Christmas making obedience slightly more challenging. The ability to remain content is sometimes challenging for students while writing letters to Santa and watching people exchange gifts. We are so very proud of the hard work that the students put forth to earn these awards!