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Country Pastor column: No lefse?!

I double checked; there is no mention of lefse in either Matthew or Luke.

What's up with that?

You can't get any more Christmassy than lefse! Or kringla, or tinsel, or Christmas light testers (my sister says they don't work). It's like Matthew and Luke are oblivious to the fun stuff.

Sure, they mention a couple types of good smelling tree sap (frankincense and myrrh) and cute 1st century Huggies called "swaddling bands," but why so much Herod and no Rudolf the ... you know what color his nose is. Hmmm, I think we have a mystery on our hands.

When it was first written on papyrus, "The Original Christmas Story" wasn't giggly. Netflix might even have categorized it as a thriller: the plot included the army being sent to kill the child, undesirable types called shepherds (out all night, night after night) bursting in unannounced, and Mary's troubled heart and mind. "If my baby is "The Greatest" and the Kings of the earth all think they are "The Greatest" then... then..." It is definitely more thriller than Lifetime holiday special.

No mention of lefse in Matthew or Luke? I guess that's OK. It raises my blood sugar anyway.

Truth be told, maybe none of us really needs another sweet treat. Maybe there is something we need more. Maybe we are more like the baby in the manger or a baby bird in a nest, reaching upward, hungry, anxious and alone. Lefse can't help with that. But a God who risks our rejection and indifference for the sake of an overpowering commitment to love us, holidays and not, is who we need. And who has been given "unto us."

Matthew and Luke knew that. So they wrote it down on papyrus.