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Literally Lorna column: Mother Nature's clean side

Day 3 of staying inside. YAWNNN. Enough already of these bitter-cold days and nights. I woke up on Day 3 thinking "another day of staying home in my pajamas with nowhere to go and doing laundry." Oh wait, I did that yesterday.

There wasn't even mail delivered one Wednesday. What is this world coming to? The USPS will need to change their slogan: "Through rain and sleet, just not sub-zero temperatures." I'm sorry, but this was upsetting to me because I look forward to receiving my Pierce County Herald! I understand sub-zero temperatures are bad for vehicles, batteries and tires. Symbols have appeared on my dash panel that I've never even seen before. Vehicles require more gasoline, which costs more money. Not to mention car washes are closed too. Anything plastic shatters like glass if even bumped.

So another day home meant I needed to get creative with how to keep busy until bedtime. I had already watched three movies, read one book and written two columns. I had sent emails and made phone calls, but nobody was responding because nobody was at work. I can only browse so much on my Smartphone because it's simply not healthy, and two, my husband gets upset when I reach my data limit, so what's left? Sometimes I think Mother Nature gave birth to the devil.

I should clarify that I work 12-hour shifts on the weekends, which I really enjoy (no kidding), which allows me all week to get things done. Another tidbit is I don't have kids at home, just an 11-year-old St. Bernard who lies around all day, only to get up for food, attention and to go potty. Maybe that's like having a teenager at home?

At any rate, I walked around the house and surprisingly came up with an entire list of what could use my attention: ironing, washing curtains, dusting, shaking out rugs, cleaning blinds, scrubbing the kitchen floor. Ironically those are all chores I neglect because I don't like doing them. So I created a different list, things I like tending to but don't usually take the time, such as repairing that window screen I took off last fall, organizing the mail (most of which will be junk anyway), wall paint touch-up areas, wiping out the refrigerator, running vinegar through the coffee pot, wiping down walls (we have a St. Bernard), going through the Tupperware containers, cleaning the basement steps (which led to straightening up the basement). I discovered a ton of dog hair on every blanket in the house, so had some laundry to load. I was motivated to say the least once I looked at my list, and so to work I went!

I scrubbed, rinsed, wiped, wrang, folded and did it over and over. Gosh, by the time I was done it was supper time and the dog wanted attention. Afterwards, I had the usual to clean up, dirty dishes and tracked in snow and sand. Once I actually sat down, I was fairly tired.

While I was dozing off on the couch, I was thinking, if I had kids I would have used those cold days while they were home from school to clean their rooms. I would have most likely turned it into a challenge game with an evaluation at the end. They would have been judged on categories, such as appearance, organization, time management, odor improvement and initiative (did they ask for more cleaning supplies?) I am sure they would have looked at me as "Mother Devil." Their rewards would have been something like choosing a favorite meal, a favorite dessert, a gift card, money or whatever suits their personality.

When I woke up from my pre-bedtime nap, I was cuddling with my sleepy St. Bernard and decided to make another list of things to do when it warms up.

Stay warm everyone!