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Kind Ideas column: Working together to end the trade war

Wisconsin's workers, farmers and families rely on stable and open markets to sell our world-renowned Wisconsin exports. Unfortunately, this Administration's trade war has resulted in retaliatory tariffs that make it harder to sell our products here in our state — and across the world.

In the first few weeks of this new Congress, I have worked with my colleagues in the House of Representatives and the Senate to introduce two bipartisan bills that put Wisconsin's economy first.

I was proud to partner with Rep. Mike Gallagher from Wisconsin's 8TH Congressional District to introduce the Bicameral Congressional Trade Authority Act of 2019, a bill that would give Representatives the power to stand up for their communities and shape our trade and tariff policies. Our Constitution is clear: it's Congress's job to fight for the best economic interests of our states — and we're working to ensure we have the tools to set all Wisconsinites up for success.

I also authored and introduced the bipartisan Trade Security Act, which would reform how we determine and apply national security tariffs, reassert Americans' power in our trade policy and protect our export power. This bill, which has broad bipartisan support in the House and Senate, will help put an end to this trade war and make our rural economy stronger.

As we continue to try to find a soft landing zone and end this trade war, I want to hear from our Wisconsin farmers, workers and families impacted by these tariffs. If you have a story or concern you would like to share, I invite you to attend a Listening Session or Open Office Hours in a community near you, write me an email through my website:, or call my office: 1-888-442-8040.