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Kind Ideas column: Cheers to Wisconsin breweries

Wisconsin's small and craft brewers—and the world-class beer they produce—are an important part of our state's heritage and legacy. Not only are our breweries a source of pride, but they also give back to our local economy, and provide jobs here in our state. In Wisconsin, the beer industry alone contributes over $10 billion to the local economy, and provides over 69,000 good-paying, meaningful jobs.

As a proud Wisconsinite, ensuring our breweries have a fair shot is one of my priorities. That's why last week, I introduced the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act, a bipartisan bill that will grow America's craft breweries by reducing tax burdens and restrictive regulations for brewers. This bill also extends to all of our wineries and distilleries in the country.

This week, I look forward to traveling across western and central Wisconsin to talk to our brewers about the craft beer bill. In the past year, our brewers have faced an uphill battle anticipating the rising production costs from this Administration's trade war, and are now seeing the impact of higher aluminum and storage prices on their bottom line. I'm working across the aisle to find a safe landing zone for every industry wrapped up on this trade war, and will continue to fight for our farmers, producers and manufacturers.

The next time you visit a local brewery, be sure to thank your brewer for giving back to your local economy, and for helping provide great jobs here in our state. We can all cheers to that!