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Letters to the editor

In their sights, your rights


A group of protesters became violent in response to a controversial speaker, in Berkeley. The media is accused of publishing fake news. Anti-fascists fight white supremacists in Charlottesville. The president calls for the firing of protesting football players. Social websites are censoring perceived hate speech. What do these events have in common? Your First Amendment rights are under attack.

Recently, MSNBC host Chuck Todd asserted that the Alabama GOP Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore "doesn't appear to believe in the Constitution" and millions of Meet the Press viewers accept this fake news.

Todd was reacting to the judges comment "Our rights don't come from the government, they don't come from the Bill of Rights, they come from almighty God."

At a time when radicals are busy trying to erase our history to increase their own power, and we are told that our ancestors were murdering racists, it is politically incorrect to acknowledge God. The founders believed it was crucial, in fact, they risked their lives for Godly principles.

A man who would most certainly be on the Southern Poverty Law Center's "Hate List" Thomas Jefferson, wrote "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights,...". It appears that Thomas Jefferson agrees with Judge Moore, our rights don't come from government.

So, if your rights don't come from government, how can they take them away? These busy-bodies go about trying to enforce the unenforceable anyway, and with the aid of media propaganda, enlist weak-willed voters who are willing to demand restricted rights.

A lone gunman shoots almost 600 people in Las Vegas. Before the bodies are cold, many call for more gun restrictions. Your Second Amendment is their target. They exploit a crisis to evoke an emotional response, because they can't make a reasoned argument. Reason has no seat at the table of diminishing rights, where corruption sits in the power seat.

We can't fix the problem, if we don't understand the cause. In all of the events just mentioned, we don't have a problem with lack of government intervention, we have a problem of the heart of mankind, and we are all guilty.

In all of these events, we see the same pattern. There is some unsettling event which triggers people's natural instinct to look for solutions, followed by a growing secular-minded demand for a government fix. The government provides a solution. We end up regretting the government fix, with its attending loss of liberty.

Scott Thomson

Maiden Rock

Vegas night of terror


My heart goes out to all the victims, families and friends of the Vegas night of terror by a thoughtless, selfish individual that felt his lack of self worth had to destroy the lives of others for his own satisfaction. Some people are not able to lift themselves up from despair so their goal is to lower people down to their level. Negativity breeds negativity.

Tony R. Huppert

Spring Valley

Razing Prairie View School


As a child I was brought up not to waste, but to conserve property and resources. On most issues I have supported decisions by the Ellsworth School Board, but on the issue of demolition of the Prairie View School, I am not convinced they are right.

I know they don't want the building to fall into disuse and be a blight on the community. But there are many examples, some not far away, where school buildings have been remodeled and repurposed successfully.

A local group, of which I am not a member, has offered to purchase the property and transform it into apartments for seniors, with promised moneys to back them up. What is wrong with that? It seems like a good idea to me. If the Board has a better plan, let it be presented.

Donn Leaf

Bay City

An amazing Wis. tribute


We, the Ellsworth Seniors, have just returned from our trip to The High Ground in Neillsville. I am proud to say we filled an entire school bus despite the forecast for rain! We drove through cloud bursts, but could still see the beautiful fall colors nearing their peak.

We were greeted at The High Ground with several samples of homemade chili. Some were mild, some were hot and spicy, some were made with venison. After choosing our favorite, our bowls runneth over with the warm and tasty concoctions!

There was an array of homemade baked good to choose from for dessert; all proceeds benefit this beautiful memorial.

Soon our tour was ready to begin despite some rather heavy downpours. My brave seniors donned their umbrellas and rain coats and followed our tour guide out to the large flag pole. Now, if only the sun would break through the clouds, there would have been a large rainbow above that beautiful flag! From the flag pole we walked out to the ledge that overlooked the Effigy Mound Dove, a tribute to all POW and MIA. Our tour guide told how several buses of school children came to add dirt from their homes to this mound which formed the shape of a dove.

We continued on to see the WWII tribute, the Persian Gulf tribute, the Vietnam tribute, the Korean tribute, as well as the Ascension of Doves meditation garden and the Prayer Stone meditation garden. Our tour guide stressed the High Ground Memorial was for healing and renewal for families affected by war.

Most of all, I remember the water cascading down from tiles where a statue of a soldier stood proudly at the top, and at the bottom sat a sorrowing wife and her young child, mourning the loss of their husband and father. It made us all pause and give thought to those who have so courageously give their lives for our country!

Despite the occasional downpours, our day at The High Ground left us all in awe and admiration! As Veterans Day approaches I urge you all to take a beautiful drive to Neillsville to tour this most amazing Wisconsin tribute!

Carol and the Ellsworth Seniors