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Letters to the editor: Truth edited; Careless to citizens' concerns

Truth edited


This time of year seems to fly by and before we know it, we will be in another new year. This one will seem to grind slowly as midterm politics drone incessantly, creating sufficient distraction from a focus on the real problems we all face.

What was once a worthy statement, "I will believe it when I see it," is no longer reliable, as what we "see" is subject to edit and used to create "optics" to support the desired political narrative. reported in March 2017 a local example of the challenges we face when attempting to learn the truth and make informed voting decisions.

"U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin's campaign spent nearly $140,000 on legal advice from one of the left's major "political fixers" since 2011, according to federal documents obtained by Watchdog Wisconsin." Mac Elias, partner at international law firm Perkins Coie, LLP, served as general counsel for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign.

"The brunt of those legal fees - nearly $90,000 - was paid out in 2015, when the Madison Democrat was embroiled in a scandal involving the scandal-plagued Tomah Veterans Affairs Medical Center."

Sen. Baldwin came under attack in 2015 for ignoring an inspector general's report showing incidents of over-prescribing pain medications and other abuses.

The new year will bring about a major clash with the reelection campaign of the one Republican that most of the country's Democrats hate most, Scott Walker. I wait in anticipation of the well-financed opposition, to continue voters' ignorance of issues that really matter. Truth matters.

Scott Thomson

Maiden Rock

Careless to citizens' concerns


Recently, it has been well known that citizens in the Village of Elmwood have not been happy with the lack of law enforcement regarding the high rate of speed, entering and exiting the community.

A formal complaint was filed in June 2015. After investigating the Department's activities was completed, and taking a court action against the village to see the reports, It was found that there was a severe lack of holding drivers accountable for speeding in the community. Then a petition was filed, and again the citizens spoke out against the non-actions of the village board and police department. Upon trying to get the board to take them seriously, options had been given, but still not followed through on.

The claims of no money to protect its citizens continued. Three budget hearing have been held since the first filed complaint, yet zero dollars have been put into this area to protect the citizens. Only excuses on why they can't do anything to counter the problem.

During a recent hearing/meeting held, the Village President/Pierce County Deputy William Stewart directly stated "I tolerate it!!" as a response to why they are not taking the concerns of the citizens with any merit. As a law enforcement officer, how does this protect and serve, or show any respect for the law? In a recent article done by the PCH with the Village Officer, Dalton Hoyt responded that it is simply small town drama, that was filled with bluster and all of it was an overreaction. This only shows the representatives of this community disrespecting the citizens with their constant attempts to discredit those that bring their concerns forward in a public manner. It is said that anyone that does so in a public manner, does not have any credibility as far as the Board is concerned.

Get a copy of the "full" breakdown of the current budget to see where they are spending the taxpayers'/citizens' money.

Rick A. Talford


Tax code


According to the report from the controlling branch of the House and Senate, the new tax code proposed will add over $428 to the national deficit for every man, woman, and child in the United States every year for the next 10 years. That's over a $150 billion a year added to the national deficit and it sounds like that is acceptable to the majority party.

I don't understand how the push for U.S. corporations to bring their money back to the USA by offering a lower tax rate while increasing the national deficit is a good thing. Corporations are looking for the best return on their money for the stockholders.

Proposing to tax student educational grant money as income in order to have the students use the grant money to pay taxes to the very institution that issued the money in the first place is just dumb.

I hope I'm missing something on the proposed tax code change because at first impression it reminds me of asking the boss for a pay cut so you can borrow more money to live on while your in laws move into your house and put their money in the bank.

If you think sticking your head in the sand and just assuming everything is going to be ok is your way of dealing with it, I suggest you watch the original Poseidon adventure. Unless that is what you did last November, then, never mind.

There's a big difference if you run a country like a big business versus a society. Big business has only one thing in mind, return on its investment. Eliminate the weak and the vulnerable unless you can make money off of them.

Tony R. Huppert

Spring Valley