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Letter to the editor: Can't keep quiet any longer

Can't keep quiet any longer


Just can't keep quiet any longer.

I am now entering the tenth decade of my life. I have lived through the Great Depression years and a few recession hiccups. Lived through several wartimes and survived actively participating in one major one.

I have seen many presidents, good and not so good come and go; observed the mistakes and the intelligent ideas of several administrations. But, I have never seen an administration or president as downright ignorant of what is right as this bunch of greedy, self-serving jackals that are kowtowing to Dictator Trump. Can't keep quiet any longer

They proudly passed a tax bill to make big business (and themselves) a lot richer. So where does the money come from to build Trump's wall? And pay for his huge defense budget? Plus all the needed infrastructure repairs ,etc.

This is a penny wise, pound foolish, pie in the sky downright stupid sop to Trump's ego. He promised his base, which apparently includes his Nazi good people. Only an ignorant, unfeeling money grubber would be proud to associate with hate groups but they voted for him, I guess. To conclude, every Lockstep Republican in Congress is worthy of nothing but greatest contempt.

Don Beebe