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Letter to the editor: The simple things; Where has compassion gone?

The simple things


Yesterday I was working in the yard at the Team Oil Travel Center in Spring Valley, when a customer leaving the car wash called me to his car. He proceeded to apologize for his attitude during a conversation we had several weeks before. Unable to remember the content of that conversation, I just listened.

As I listened, he mentioned in our previous conversation how he didn't understand how I was saddened by having donated to some needy causes and never got so much as a "thank you." He felt at that time, the giving to the cause should be my reward and any "thank you" would just be a plus, until it happened to him a couple of weeks ago. He and his wife had given a few hundred dollars to a small local need and never received the shortest "thank you." He went on to explain he didn't know what to expect by helping but a "thank you" would have been nice. All he could say is it made him sad.

I asked him what his plans are for future donating. He said he is done. I told him don't give up. There is a need for good-hearted people and needy people and organizations that really appreciate them. Those people and organizations won't send you prizes or fancy decorations but they will give you a "thank you" from the heart. Those are the ones you help and hopefully the other ones will figure it out. It's the thought that counts, but it's the "thank you" that gets your support.

Tony R. Huppert

Spring Valley

Where has compassion gone?


In the most recent newspaper, I read how an Ellsworth Village officer was called out to a complaint about a neighbor feeding feral cats. In the report on the board meeting, it was stated that a resident of an apartment was upset that this was continuing to be done and they were not happy about it.

The chief of police responded by saying the citizen was spoken to about feeding the cats, with an attempt to resolve the issue. "As time goes on, I will see if that helps" replied Ladwig. Once I read this, I felt "WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?"

Why would anyone complain about these poor animals forced to live outdoors without protection or regular food in the brutal winters we live in?

I then continued reading the paper and found a police report that matched this subject. In this report, it states the police were called to 141 S. Maple St. on a complaint about a woman feeding feral cats. In the report it also notes the woman was told to STOP feeding them, but allegedly continued to do so. Well, I APPLAUD this woman for having compassion for these poor cats that are not being cared for.

As human beings we are to care for one another whether big or small, human or animal. COMPASSION is something you feel for those less fortunate. These feral cats do NO HARM to anyone and they keep rodents away from properties. The fact that Woodview Apartments and the local police department would act against a woman that is helping these unfortunate animals in any manner makes me feel they have lost their way. Punishing someone for having compassion should be the crime, not the feeding of the cats. God Bless these poor creatures and the people that help them.

Rick A. Talford