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Letter to the editor: Response to 'Where has compassion gone?'

Response to 'Where has compassion gone?'


I read with great interest last week's letter "Where has compassion gone?" I agree on most of his points. Where we deviate is where is the compassion of the original owners of the domestic cat someone owned? This community has a large problem with stray and feral cats.

Each spring we have four or five new kittens in our yard. How hard is it to spay or neuter a cat? Yes it's expensive, but it's a one-time expense. Twice a year I walk into Nilssen's or Family Dollar and it's usually the same people posting they have free kittens to good homes. Where do the kittens or cats go that no one claims? Why aren't these owners responsible for the health and well being of their cat?

The Village of Ellsworth falls far short on its responsibility towards cats. When I call to have the animal control officer pick up the cats I'm given a list of shelter names. Call the shelters and they say we don't have a contract with Ellsworth.

The village requires all dogs be sterilized, given rabies shot, within the owners' control and licensed. Pet chickens require a lengthy process to be approved, controlled by the owner, provided access to shelter, food and water. Cats, nothing.

Ellsworth needs to change its dog ordinance to include all domestic pets including, but not limited to cats. All cats should be sterilized, given a rabies shot, controlled and licensed.

I personally have four cats. One is an indoor-outdoor cat. He goes outside on a leash. My other cats are indoor cats Everyone of my cats is sterilized and given all of their shots annually. My cats are all under my control 99.9 percent of the time. I've had one run out the door between my legs now and then; you'll see me running around the neighbor's or my property until I catch whichever one it is (then I ground, for whatever that's worth).

The Village needs to step up and write an ordinance that holds cat owners responsible and fine those who don't. Owners need to step up and do right by that cute little kitty who turns into a procreating nightmare for the rest of us.

The woman feeding the feral cats is doing what many of us have done. Taking care of an animal that has been neglected by the original owner and is being neglected by at the Ellsworth Village Board which has it well within its power to put in place an ordinance that holds owners responsible. Until these happen the Village, residents and the police have no room to complain.

Denise Gathman