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Letter to the editor

Respect the Flag


From the book "Let's be right on Flag Etiquette" approved by Congress July 7, 1976. "The flag should never touch anything beneath it, such as the ground, the floor, water or merchandise."

I agree Shawn White is the greatest snowboarder in the world and I humbly congratulate and admire him for that. But when he wins he shouldn't drag the American flag on the ground behind him; life a puppy dog on a leash.

Being a member of the Korean Conflict over 60 years ago, in which my best friend lost his life in combat, I neither twitter, text or tweet.

But I wish someone who does would remind White to treat the colors of our great nation with more respect.

Ray Carlson

Red Wing

Ray Carlson is a life member of Ellsworth Legion Post 204 and Red Wing VFW Post 1218.

Who votes more for spending


FYI- Ron Johnson and Ron Kind voted against the oppressive spending bill. Tammy Baldwin's vote favors placing another shackle in the chains that will keep our children and grandchildren in debt servitude. The crisis velocity has increased exponentially and we are still stuck with Team Democrat and Team Republican playing a rigged game, while Team Liberty remains seated on the bench. When will the people stand for truth and stop attacking their neighbors?

Mr. Beebe wants to remove the splinter from his neighbor's eye. Yes Don, there are Republicans who are wrong, but that doesn't make Democrats right. Remove the log in your own eye.

Scott Thomson

Maiden Rock



As most of us know, Congress and the president have been considering various proposals to

protect the Dreamers, who are participants in DACA, or "Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals," These young people were brought to the U.S. as children and have done nothing illegal. DACA has unfortunately succumbed to politics between the branches of government despite the broad popularity of DACA among the citizenry. And, time is rapidly running out for extensions of DACA and the many contributions that these young people will provide to our communities.

There are other things we should all know. (1) We should not use or succumb to the phrase,

"Chain-Migration," which is a negative term used by immigration opponents. A more appropriate term is "family-based immigration," Family-based immigration is the foundation of the U.S. immigration system and it seeks to recognize the stabilizing influence of in-tack families. Some of the proposals to protect the Dreamers simultaneously threaten family-based immigration.

Furthermore: (2) Proposals to protect the Dreamers also threaten the protection of unaccompanied children migrants. These protections help prevent abuse, trafficking, and neglect of these children. It is cruel to pit one group of vulnerable children against another. And: (3) The president is calling for an end to the "Temporary Protected Status" for groups of legal

immigrants whose return home is threatened by violence.

And finally: (4) Economists agree that immigration creates economic growth and job expansion in the U.S., and other experts remind us that immigrants are far less likely than others to commit

crimes. Rhetoric to the contrary is just that: rhetoric. If you wish to support the Dreamers, unaccompanied children, and families, it is important to contact our legislators at and immediately. Thank you for your concern.

Dr. Jackie Brux

Emeritus Professor of Economics

Town of River Falls

Story eases life's journey


I would like to express my very sincere thankfulness and gratitude to the Pierce County Herald.

Life is definitely a journey with unexpected twists. Some of those are good and change your life for the better. Other times, the hand you're dealt is heart wrenching and unfair. You feel so helpless and hopeless.

Then someone can come along and help lift some of the burden. Thank you so much for doing a story on Mission for Mooney and Robert Mooney's need for a kidney donor. Getting the word out is so very important. Thank you for being part of that.

Jennifer Joy

River Falls

Parkland, Florida, plus more


It is taking the anguished and angry cries of heartbroken schoolchildren to get the attention of the yellow bellied members of Congress who are so afraid of upsetting their Supreme leaders: namely our Nazi-loving so called president and the N.R.A.

This time these kids will get results, I am sure; their anger has already turned to action, as they so aptly put it. This IS the time for action—prayers and hand wringing and good thoughts are a dime a dozen, blowing in the wind until the next automatic rifle is in the hands of some deranged person, giving he or she their 15 minutes of fame.

Gun laws be damned. There is no place in a civilized society for a weapon like this, not even in police work. These are not rifles in any sense; these are out-and-out savage killing machines, and should no longer be manufactured at all. Enough of them are already in circulation to equip a good-sized army

Remember too, that the high school kids are soon, if not already, voting age, so goodbye to Trump ,Paul Ryan, Mitch, and many more. I hope young people all over join their movement; yes, here in Ellsworth, River Falls, Prescott, Spring Valley, Plum City, Elmwood, Pepin and Hudson, hopefully nationwide. You have the energy, the common sense and the intelligence to make a lasting change.

So now the so called DACA ''problem.'' Very simple solution—as a group, these folks are better citizens than many of our homegrown self-righteous types that have no charity in their souls. Just because you are a citizen of this country by an accident of birth doesn't make you a better person. The economic effect they have is very much on the plus side. If they are forced out by Trump's I.C.E. Gestapo goons, this country will be worse off because of it. Some other country may be glad to get a group of somewhat educated hard workers; and suppose a few of them develop a very deserved hatred for the rotten treatment that they have gotten from the country that once valued their talents and work ethic-and become enemies with mayhem in their hearts.

Don Beebe