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Letter to the editor: Parkland, Florida, plus more; Ellsworth basketball

Parkland, Florida, plus more


It is taking the anguished and angry cries of heartbroken schoolchildren to get the attention of the yellow bellied members of Congress who are so afraid of upsetting their Supreme leaders: namely our Nazi-loving so called president and the N.R.A.

This time these kids will get results, I am sure; their anger has already turned to action, as they so aptly put it. This IS the time for action—prayers and hand wringing and good thoughts are a dime a dozen, blowing in the wind until the next automatic rifle is in the hands of some deranged person, giving he or she their 15 minutes of fame.

Gun laws be damned. There is no place in a civilized society for a weapon like this, not even in police work. These are not rifles in any sense; these are out-and-out savage killing machines, and should no longer be manufactured at all. Enough of them are already in circulation to equip a good-sized army

Remember too, that the high school kids are soon, if not already, voting age, so goodbye to Trump ,Paul Ryan, Mitch, and many more. I hope young people all over join their movement; yes, here in Ellsworth, River Falls, Prescott, Spring Valley, Plum City, Elmwood, Pepin and Hudson, hopefully nationwide. You have the energy, the common sense and the intelligence to make a lasting change.

So now the so called DACA ''problem.'' Very simple solution—as a group, these folks are better citizens than many of our homegrown self-righteous types that have no charity in their souls. Just because you are a citizen of this country by an accident of birth doesn't make you a better person. The economic effect they have is very much on the plus side. If they are forced out by Trump's I.C.E. Gestapo goons, this country will be worse off because of it. Some other country may be glad to get a group of somewhat educated hard workers; and suppose a few of them develop a very deserved hatred for the rotten treatment that they have gotten from the country that once valued their talents and work ethic-and become enemies with mayhem in their hearts.

Don Beebe


Ellsworth basketball


As some of you may know the Ellsworth boys basketball team is having a VERY GOOD year. As of today Feb. 23 they have a record of 18-4 and have wrapped up second place in the Middle Border Conference. Probably even more impressive is that, up until their loss to Prescott on Feb. 19, they had won 12 games in a row. That is quite an accomplishment and is something that doesn't happen very often!

Yet their efforts rarely make page 1 of the PCH Sports section. Instead it's the basketball and wrestling teams of Prescott, Spring Valley, and Elmwood/Plum City that are usually featured on page 1. It seems to me that a hometown newspaper should, more often than not, feature their hometown team, especially when a team is having as good a year as our Panthers are having.

Bill Wall


Feral Felines deserve HELP


The colder the weather becomes, the more these poor cats need humans help. They have done nothing wrong, except being around the wrong humans that do not want to help them. People get kittens and then toss them out when they are no longer fun for them.

I read an article in January in regards to Ellsworth Village Board hearing issues with a woman feeding feral felines. Now in February there is yet again an article about feral felines in Plum City. Humans need to realize the cats have done nothing wrong, remembering these are domesticated felines. They will automatically go where they think they can get food to survive. My wife and I feed them every winter, as they make it to our home. The summertime they have plenty of wild rodents to eat, and I would believe they help the feed mill plenty over the year with rodent control. December through February can be the hardest and coldest months that this part of the state encounters. It should be common sense to prepare for their needs, as it is nothing new.

Communities need to help these poor animals get through a quarter of the year when they need the most help. Catching, fixing and returning them to the area they were caught in, is a program every community needs to be prepared to do. This is a HUMAN issue, not a feline issue. To do any type of harm is against the law, yet I hear plenty about them being shot by people. Look in the mirror and ask yourself if YOU would look and ask for help if you were forced to be outdoors during our harsh winter. Would YOU hope and pray for someone to have compassion for your situation and assist in just a minimal way? I believe we as a society need to stop complaining about these poor felines, and create programs to assist them through a time that is no fault of their own. God Bless all of you that help those less fortunate.

Rick A. Talford