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Letters to the editor: Poppy Day helps us remember; People are selfish

Poppy Day helps us remember


For more than 90 years, the American Legion Auxiliary has distributed the memorial poppy to remind Americans that millions of service men and women sacrificed their lives and health to keep our nation free.

The red poppy will be distributed to the public in Ellsworth on Thursday, May 17, 2018 by Kinne-Englehart Post 204, the Ellsworth American Legion Auxiliary. Auxiliary members ask the public to pause for a moment, pin on a poppy, and wear it with pride.

During World War I, the poppy flourished on the battlefields of Flanders Fields among the shelled buildings and bomb-scarred landscape. Like the blood that was shed there, its brilliant red bloom became a sign of hope and renewal. For those who would never leave, those who had given their lives, it is a perpetual memorial to their bravery.

The American Legion Auxiliary poppy is handmade by veterans who receive a small stipend for each poppy made. Contributions received on Poppy Day are used by the local auxiliary unit to assist veterans and their families in the community and in VA hospitals in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Bev Radkey

2018 Poppy Chair

Senior fishing adventure


Atrium, Preferred Living, St. Paul's United Church of Christ, and a steering committee consisting of seven people would like to invite you, your families and your seniors to the inaugural Fishing Adventure and Picnic.

Realizing that our elders, some of our most loved community members, having found themselves restricted in some ways to living in our area's care centers, need to get out, be in the community, doing something fun and in nature, we decided to build this event.

Here's what we need. You! We need your presence and willingness to visit. We could use help getting fishing poles set up with hooks, bobbers, bait and casting.

We could even use a few more (closed faced) fishing poles. We could use help with the meal time. We would love to have you there to simply have fun and enjoy those we all love. If you have a pontoon, we could use one more of those, as well.

If you are willing to donate any of your time, talent or treasure to this event, please contact our volunteer coordinators at the following information:

Margaret Woodard: 715-220- 6221

Jennifer Thatcher: 715-688- 9993

If you would like to donate to our event, please make checks payable to: Senior Fishing Adventure and Picnic.

Then, send your donations to (but do not make checks payable to us):

St. Paul's UCC

W5706 WI-72

Ellsworth, WI 54011

Pastor Adam Westrich

St. Paul's UCC

National EMS Week


May 20-26 marks the 44th annual celebration of National EMS Week in the United States. Each year, the celebration offers a special time to recognize the crucial role EMS providers play in the community. But even more, it serves as an excellent reminder to say thank you.

As the medical director of EMS at Regions Hospital, my team and I see first-hand the lifesaving care EMS teams from your community provide to our patients, long before they arrive at the hospital. This care is highly professional, timely and undoubtedly critical to a patient's short-term and long-term success.

Because we do not always have the chance to say thank you to these providers — as they are swooping into our Ambulance Arrival Center or administering critical care at the scene — this week, my team and I would like to give a big thank you to each of these real-life superheroes.

The work these first responders do every day is simply amazing. And we are so thankful to be their partner in EMS — this week and 365 days a year.

Your community is in excellent hands.

Please join us as we say thank you to our first responders during National EMS Week.

RJ Frascone, MD, Medical Director, Regions Hospital Emergency Medical Services

People are selfish


This past Saturday afternoon on way home on hill I came across a sign saying free. Pulled in; a table wouldn't fit in the car so I decided to take the four chairs and come back. I left the table in the middle of the road away from highway, hurried back to Dar Ray Addition, took other car back up. As I am driving to pick up table a large vehicle slowed, rolled window down saying I am sorry but I came back for table I had seen and I have the four chairs. Hm ok, you can have it, drove back to table, waited then saw them drive away.

If they wanted it so much I would have given them the chairs. People are selfish, noncaring. Over 50 years lived here, nothing ever stole, lied, etc., ever. Oh yes people, I picked them up for a homeless person who has nothing. Enjoy.

Myrna Larrabee