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Letters to the editor: National EMS Week; Thank you for donating food

National EMS Week


May 20-26 marks the 44th annual celebration of National EMS Week in the United States. Each year, the celebration offers a special time to recognize the crucial role EMS providers play in the community. But even more, it serves as an excellent reminder to say thank you.

As the medical director of EMS at Regions Hospital, my team and I see first-hand the lifesaving care EMS teams from your community provide to our patients, long before they arrive at the hospital. This care is highly professional, timely and undoubtedly critical to a patient's short-term and long-term success.

Because we do not always have the chance to say thank you to these providers — as they are swooping into our Ambulance Arrival Center or administering critical care at the scene — this week, my team and I would like to give a big thank you to each of these real-life superheroes.

The work these first responders do every day is simply amazing. And we are so thankful to be their partner in EMS — this week and 365 days a year.

Your community is in excellent hands.

Please join us as we say thank you to our first responders during National EMS Week.

RJ Frascone, MD, Medical Director, Regions Hospital Emergency Medical Services

Thank you for donating food


I would like to thank all of you who participated in the 2018 National Association of Letter Carriers Food Drive. With your help we filled up the Prescott Food Pantry to overflowing! 2374 pounds of food.

In addition to the food we also collected $755 which will help a lot. Both of those amounts are the highest yet. Not bad for Prescott, half of Clifton Township and Oak Grove Township. Looking forward to 2019! Thank you again,your postal employees at the Prescott Post Office.

Mike Nohava


Pruitt's corruption


Hardly a day passes that we don't hear some bad news about Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt and his efforts to undermine the mission of his agency.

These news items fall into two categories, personal and departmental.

In the first category, for example, Pruitt has grossly exploited the perks of his office with expensive travel junkets thinly disguised as official business. He has indulged luxurious tastes in restaurants and airline accommodations, running up hundreds of thousands of dollars expense on the taxpayers' dime.

More notoriously, he has accepted sweetheart deals from industry lobbyists seeking to influence energy policy. The website Politico has exposed the facts of his so-called "condo deal."

Under what used to be "normal" circumstances, no public official could have gotten away with a tenth of Pruitt's corrupt maneuvering and still kept their job. Unfortunately we are no longer in "normal" times and the appearance of corruption in the Trump administration overall is off the charts.

Far worse than Pruitt's brazen rip-offs of the American taxpayer are the damaging effects his harmful policy decisions are likely to have on public health and the health of the environment.

One urgent example is a current Health and Human Services Department report on toxic chemicals in our water supplies which the EPA has refused to release on the grounds that it would be (as an internal email put it) a "public relations nightmare."

When PR trumps public health, something is badly amiss. We need to urge our elected representatives to press for release of the HHS study for the sake of all Americans' health. Lying to Congress under oath, as Pruitt has done numerous times, is impeachable. Pruitt is a disgrace to our nation, and if Trump won't fire him, Congress should act to remove him.

Thomas R. Smith

River Falls