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Letter to the editor: Nobody / everybody


Anytime I bring up the labor shortage older individuals answer to the problem is "Nobody wants to work and everybody knows it." As the conversation goes on, the discussion switches to the small families today versus when they were growing up. I ask if they think that might have something to do with the labor shortage. The answer is nope, the young people just don't want to work.

If for the sake of a conversation, the statement "Young people just don't want to work" is true, could it be because old people have made so many laws that won't let them work? Laws that allow agriculture youth to work at any age, but non agriculture youth labor laws won't allow anyone under 16 years old to mow lawn, run a microwave or oven, make coffee, start before 7 a.m. or work after 7 p.m. ... should I go on?

The idea that a student will automatically be able to jump into the workforce without any experience when they graduate with their degree is asinine. Research confirms if parents smoke chances are the children will smoke. If parents wear their seat belts the children will. If parents teach their youth how to work, the youth will have a desire to earn their own money and won't be living in their parent's house living off their parents forever.

Old people-designed labor laws have contributed to the labor shortage and the ongoing round table discussion why the youth aren't working is just as misleading.

Agriculture youth and non-agriculture youth should be given the same opportunities for success in life.

Tony Huppert

Spring Valley