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Letters to the editor: Random thoughts; The kindness of strangers in our awesome city

Random thoughts


Maybe when ballyhooing the successful accomplishments of so many of your (chamber) members, you should pull in a pharmacist or two. There is an empty location at Lucas Lane, all set up and ready: maybe even space for a library too.

Hopefully the drug distributor will not be McKesson however. From what I have read of those people, their past includes some shady stuff involving opioids and being fined more than once by the FDA.

Just a couple random thoughts that do not include the mess in D.C.

Don Beebe


The kindness of strangers in our awesome city


On Jan. 15 I was walking along Main Street headed to the post office. I was not watching where I was going and fell on the ice. I hit my head (fortunately my Packer stocking hat saved me and I only sustained a small cut).

Immediately after I fell, a mother and her daughter stopped to make sure I was okay. They were kind enough to give me a ride back home and even made a detour to the post office so I could still mail my letters!

I love that in this world that can seem so cold and divided, people still stop and help a complete stranger! Thank you to those kind angels whose names I did not get.

Stephanie Shippy

River Falls