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Letters to the editor: Sidewalk maintenance; It is what it is

Sidewalk maintenance


This paragraph was taken from the Village of Ellsworth website.

"Snow Removal"

The owner or occupant of any lot or parcel shall each day remove all snow and ice which may have fallen or accumulated upon the sidewalk in front of such of such lot or parcel; provided, when ice has so formed that it cannot be removed, the owner or occupant shall keep the same sprinkled with a material which will prevent the sidewalk from being dangerous to pedestrians."

With that being said, while I am out for a walk with my 11-year-old dog, we always end up walking on the road because a majority of the houses on the streets we walk on, don't shovel their sidewalks.

There have been multiple times when I have had to help my 90-pound dog stand up because he has slipped and fallen down on icy, snow covered sidewalks. I myself have slipped a couple times as well.

It concerns me to have to walk on the street because there have been a couple of scary times when cars have not seen us, and have come very close to hitting us. I had to buy reflective vests for myself AND my dog because people do not pay attention. My dog is now nervous to walk on the road because of cars almost striking us.

I should not have to risk my life or my dog's life for us to get some exercise. I pay my taxes, I should be able to walk on the sidewalk. It also concerns me when I see older or elderly people walking on these sidewalks. It worries me that someone may fall down and get seriously hurt. It would be nice to see the people of Ellsworth take some pride in cleaning up their sidewalks; for something that we pay taxes on why wouldn't someone want to keep it clean and available to be used?

Samantha Gillman


It is what it is


Monday I spent time with family and friends as we honored the life of my niece Terry. Words can't explain the sorrow felt by each and everyone. She will be surely missed.

As I was visiting with my nephews I made note of the appreciation I have for all the relatives that have chosen to excel in the medical field like being EMTs and such. I said with my little problem with my heart I feel comfort in knowing there are medical staff surrounding me.

My nephew Steve was kind to point out if things go bad, my niece Joan is a coroner.

Tony R. Huppert

Spring Valley