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Brookshaw signs with NDSU on National Signing Day

It's official.

Prescott's Peter Brookshaw has committed to playing collegiate baseball at North Dakota State University.

Brookshaw's commitment to NDSU was celebrated in the Prescott High School gymnasium on National Signing Day, Wednesday, Nov. 8.

Prescott's athletic director, Matt Smith; Brookshaw's head basketball coach, Nick Johnson; and Brookshaw's head baseball coach, Jeff Ryan, all spoke on Brookshaw's athletic and characteristic achievements in front of the baseball stud's friends and family.

"It's special just to do it in front of all of the people that I care about and all the people that care about me," Brookshaw said.

Brookshaw is looking forward to committing the rest of his senior year of high school to focusing on his baseball and basketball seasons and hopefully giving Prescott two state championships.

"It's kind of a relief," Brookshaw said. "Now I can just go play."